The Dangers of AI

AI robot

What AI can it be used for? Well according to Simplilearn, AI is an artificial intelligence robot that was created to help humans do tasks like creating recommendations for customers, creating content like videos or powerpoints and so much more. There are also apps that use AI like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Instagram uses AI to show you the content you like according to the posts that you  like or the people you follow. Facebook AI is used along with Deep Text which can translate any post in different languages. Twitter also used AI for recommending tweets that you  might use based on your old tweets and to erase any hateful  tweets or content.

Why are some people scared of Al? AI provides us with digital assistants 24/7 and helps us with complex jobs but it  also causes a lot of panic in the public. People are afraid of their information being leaked or hacked and only that they are scared of AI knowing so much of us. Another problem is people are losing their jobs to AI because they were created to do tasks quickly and were programmed to  think smarter than humans. I don’t really know how to feel about this but I think if it is used correctly it will be helpful for us. But if people use it to harm others or steal people’s money/information that will cause problems for us.

So, what are your thoughts? Is this an issue that we should be scared of or worried about? If so feel free to leave a comment.