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Is Flying Safe?
May 21, 2024

    Technology Takeover


    Is technology eventually going to take over the world? That’s the question in many people’s heads all over the world. As of lately, technology has rapidly enhanced in such things as AI, ChatGPT, and as well as robots taking over people’s jobs. At this pace, technology will play a big part in people’s future.


    For instance, AI which stands for artificial intelligence is the science of making machines that can think like humans. AI processes a large amount of data. AI is able to do things such as recognize patterns, make decisions, and judge just like a human. So it can make things seem human-like without humans creating them. AI is really advanced and has no limit on what it can do. AI has also been able to perform things that surprise the human eye.


    ChatGPT is an advanced chatbot that has the potential to make people’s lives easier and assist with everyday tasks, such as writing emails or going through the internet for answers. It is primarily used for natural language understanding and generation, making it valuable for tasks like content creation, chatbot development, language translation, and more. It can be used for a variety of tasks and largely depends on how each user chooses to use it. However, it is used by several students across the world, and they have been caught for using it for cheating purposes. There have been consequences to this that were put on these students.


    Robots have been seen as a threat to people’s jobs for a couple of years now. This is because these robots have been becoming more advanced and with them becoming more advanced they are more likely to take over these people’s jobs. This is good for companies as they don’t have to invest much in actual human workers and don’t have to worry about paying the robots as in a way these robots are working for free. The only thing about this is that they have to spend a good amount of money in developing these robots to do these tasks.

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    Andre Salazar
    Andre Salazar, Staff
    I’m a senior at Montclair High School and I’m class of 2024. I plan on attending college once I’m done with high school in order to far in life. I also plan on getting some sort of degree that will benefit me. I plan on having a successful future.

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