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Festival of Books

Emily Ramos, Staff Writer April 21, 2022

  This festival's goal is to bring together the people who like to write books with those who love to read them. Over time, it has evolved to include other forms of entertainment like: live bands,...


Elisa Mancera, Staff Writer April 8, 2022

Do you ever just wonder if things were true, for example are we the only species in the Universe? Or if Pringles are made of potato chips? Feel free to visit

The Bubble Wand Project

The Bubble Wand Project

Sebastian Avalos March 8, 2022

Many students often see mathematics as only numbers and solutions; however, math can be so much more when put into a different perspective. Math is used in almost everything we interact with. From the...

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Teacher’s Bookshelf

Emily Ramos January 21, 2022

  After being in distance learning for a whole year, it is nice to come back and do normal things again. One of those things is reading physical books. Teachers take the time to pick out books...

A Well Deserved Break

A Well Deserved Break

Sebastian Avalos January 21, 2022

As the first semester came to a close and many students breathed their well earned sigh of relief after finals, how did some students wind down after such a stressful week of tests and presentations? There...

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