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May 21, 2024

Teacher Recommendations Over The Summer!


What could you do over the summer that won’t make you lose your skill and motivation for the next year? If you’re just starting out as a freshmen or sophomore, you can easily lose motivation since you have a long way to go. You can easily get burnt out in the middle of the year or during the summer when you’re used to relaxing or being on vacation. Doing some of these things that teachers recommend can help you get back into the school spirit and be prepared for the upcoming year!

“I would recommend reading a book, one that you like. Or just going somewhere that’s free or cheap. I would also recommend that since your Membean account is open over the summer, you should practice on your vocabulary,” said Mrs. Turnbull.

“I say that to be motivated to come back with a fresh perspective then you have to take some time to unplug from school. Don’t think about it, but keep in mind that you want good grades. Rest and relax and spend some time taking care of yourself.”- Mrs. Robbins

“I would say I think they need to disconnect from school, I think the term is called personal care or self care. the idea is to do something you personally enjoy whether it’s a hobby, or listening to music, or exercising, or hiking. You don’t get do to any of that stuff during the school year besides the weekends. The goal is to start doing this during the school year too, not just during the summer. This will allow them to try and keep the habit and the goal of trying to implement this during the school year next year and have less stress and a free mind.”-Mr. Douglas

“I would say spend time with your family, you always get to see your friends during the school year but almost never have time to spend with your family besides the weekends. Even if you see them everyday to get picked up or dropped off, spending even a little time with them can do wonders.”-Mr.Palmer

“The public libraries are always open, so I would say read at least 5-10 books over the summer or to go visit the one near here. But make sure to give yourself time to recover. Especially for freshmen taking world history next year, reading will be a big part of your next upcoming year. “-Mrs.Luna

“Go out and find something hard to do and do your best to accomplish it. When you do accomplish it or accomplish hard things, you get a sense of pride. But if you’re inside on your phone all day you get no sense of pride.”-Mr. Jelus

These answers really bring out each individual teacher’s personality and how they would handle things themselves, and also how they would give advice out to students. Hopefully these will help you keep motivated for next year.






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