Montclairs New Turf

Montclairs New Turf

It’s no surprise that our old turf field was not a very safe turf field to play in, though the design and the aesthetics of the turf was very pleasing to look at, it for sure wasn’t the safest to play in.

The material of the turf caused players to slide and slip, risking unnecessary turn burns, sprained ankles and even perhaps a broken bone. Issues with the field have been around for years, in past years they have prohibited games from being held in the field due to injuries.

An example of this is when the girls soccer team home games were moved to Colony High School due to the instability of our fields usage.

Problems with the field came recently this year with a few soccer players having to buy turf cleats and waste extra money to provide better traction and support on the synthetic turf, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Though not everything was bad with this turf. Many of the student-athletes at this school were used to playing in this field, unlike the away teams that would come play at our home, many of them had no clue how slippery the field was and struggled getting used to it. As well as the ball moving at a faster pace than other fields.

Now that they fixed the field there isn’t gonna be a problem. Aside from fixing the slipperiness, the field has new little details to it. On both ends of the field there’s a big square that’s shaded in all black and in the middle it has the word Montclair in big blue letters with a little of white around the letters.

The field is also larger than before as its more wide and the lines that make the soccer field are in the color grey.

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