Red Cross at MHS

Red Cross at MHS

“With every unit collected, there’s a dual victory; patients receive the gift of life, and participating students in ASB can earn scholarships, fostering a culture of community service

— Christine Welch

Blood drives are community events and a representative from the American Red Cross underscored the gravity of the situation, noting the increased demand for blood due to concurrent disasters including flooding, hurricanes, and fires in places like Maui. The organization hosted a blood drive here at MHS exclusive to students and faculty,

The drive was a whirl of activity, with students coming in during different periods. The process of getting your blood drawn involves a health history check, a brief physical, and the donation itself, followed by a recovery period complete with refreshments to ensure the well-being of donors. In interviews with the donors, MHS students.

The sentiment of community service to them was palpable.“It feels good helping out people,” said one student, reflecting on the satisfaction from contributing to a good cause. Others expressed initial anxiety, about the needle and the possibility of fainting, but found reassurance in the professional care provided. Many students, some first-time donors, know the help that they are providing, informed by the Red Cross of the national blood shortage and the significant impact their donations could have — potentially saving up to three lives per unit. The blood collected is slated to stay local, bolstering supplies in Southern California and specifically aiding nearby communities affected by natural disasters. However, the extent of the region’s need can sometimes redirect these donations to wherever they are most critically required.

The event is a testament to the power of community spirit and the impact of collective action in times of crisis. Montclair High School and its selfless students have set a precedent, demonstrating that even in the midst of global challenges, local initiatives can make a world of difference.

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