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May 21, 2024

Trash on Campus


Have you ever dropped your trash and thought “the janitor will pick it up for me” Well he will, that’s his job, But have you ever thought about how much trash is left after lunch. There are many trash cans scattered around campus but people decide to still litter. Here are some reasons you should consider taking a few extra steps to get your trash thrown away.

In the real world, out in public, Some littering can get you fined. In California, Littering can get you fined $100 plus 8 hours of community service.  This is why you should get in the habit of throwing your trash away instead of throwing it on the ground. If trash is intentionally or accidentally littered on the ground, Rain or wind can carry it to nearby waterways, leading to pollution. We all know trash causes pollution. 60% of water pollution is because of litter. We should consider at least picking up our trash. 

Another reason is because our janitors work very hard, Especially at lunch. Janitors only make about $15.33 an hour. This doesn’t mean you should dump your trash wherever you want because someone will pick it up for you.

We need a cleaner environment. You can help so much by simply throwing away your trash instead of littering. Its always a good idea to clean up after yourself. If we all contribute by doing this simple thing, we can make a cleaner environment and reduce pollution rates.


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Bridget Barnett
Bridget Barnett, Reporter
Hello. My name is Bridget Barnett and I am a freshman, I like animals, books, music, and movies. I could write forever which is why I joined Journalism because I love to write. I hope to write many stories and just be more apart of this community.

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