Avid College Fair


Isabel Corona, Staff Writer

As seniors near the end of their high school career, college seems to be right around the corner. It’s important for students to be informed about each school in order to make educated choices regarding their future.

During lunch, a swarm of students filled the quad. People looked around with a curious gaze. Hundreds of questions were in the air and many students huddled around each table. The tables were set up by Avid students, where they decorated and even added candy to their displays. These students had all the important information about each college memorized. It was impressive for them to be able to answer any questions a student had. The posters were beautifully displayed with the colors of each school clashing together. They even had mascots from specific schools, which drew more attention to the event. This event proved to be successful with the amount of attendants and managed to spread considerable amounts of knowledge to students about college.