Wondering about taking AP World History?

Many students are nervous about taking their first AP course but it is not as intimidating as it may seem.

Emily Ramos, Staff Writer

Taking AP classes may seem scary at first but we can assure you that it is not as bad as you think. Often students think that they will be given too much work or that the class will be too difficult. AP world history is one of the first college-level classes offered to students here at Montclair. “It can be challenging for some students but you are also surrounded by other like-minded students,” states Mrs. Pineda World History AP teacher. She talks about how the class can be good for people because you are surrounded by others who care about education and are more focused while learning compared to regular-paced classes.

“Students are able to attain skills to use in college, having taken the class also looks good on transcripts,” she adds. Taking an Advanced Placement class can also help you earn college credit when you take the Ap test at the end of the year, it also earns you an extra point towards your GPA. The AP test is an exam offered to high school students through College Board and is taken in May by each student. You are not required to participate in the exam but it is highly recommended to do so. Students will have to purchase the exam in the first couple of months of the school year for about $90.

fadeSomething that Mrs. Pineda likes about teaching AP World History is being able to look at different perspectives as well as being able to have conversations about topics that connect to today’s world/events. Taking AP world history can help you learn about new topics and learn new skills like teamwork, time management, and study skills.

“One of my favorite topics is The Columbian Exchange and The Cold War,” states Mrs.Pineda. There are nine units that will be learned/taught in the class, some of the topics are the global tapestry (learning how states formed expanded and declined, networks of exchange, land-based empires, and transoceanic interconnections). While learning about topics, students will do different kinds of activities and assignments to be able to learn more about them and connect with them. Additionally, there are many assignments that will be done in groups or partners so it is a good opportunity to meet new people and learn from each other.

Don’t be afraid to start taking AP classes because you could lose a good opportunity.