Antonio Camarillo receives Edison Scholarship


Kimberly Perez

Edison’s Scholarship Program 

The Edison’s Scholarship Program is a competitive program that recognizes 30 high school seniors around the country that are looking to further their careers in STEM fields and make an impact on the world. $50,000 scholarships are awarded to these students but in order to apply, they must meet the requirements of being a senior with at least a cumulative 3.0 GPA, live in Southern California Edison’s service area, and plan to pursue a career in STEM.


This scholarship sounds nearly impossible with only the chance for 30 seniors to receive the scholarship but it’s not as impossible for one of our own students at Montclair. Antonio Camarillo, a student here at MHS was recognized as one of the “makers of tomorrow” and hopes to advance his career in mechanical engineering as a first generation of his family attending college. My journey overall was very tedious and difficult especially with being a new generation and having to learn almost everything on my own. Navigating through it was challenging but also very rewarding in itself as well”. Antonio only appreciates his journey but he acknowledges that it was not an easy one. He wishes to give back to the people who with passion for his similar goals and provide them with opportunities that were not available to him growing up. “One of the biggest things I learned though my experience is to provide back to my community so helping advance education”. 


Antonio is taking this huge scholarship and pursuing it into mechanical engineering. “I feel like I always knew that engineering was a field that I was specifically interested in. I just wasn’t sure what specific field I wanted to pursue. But during my Junior year I took a science program that was provided by the school that basically taught about aerospace engineering”. We wish him luck on his new path to college and empowerment to change lives for the better.