Biden Visits Ukraine

Emily Ramos

President Joe Biden took a “secret visit” to Kyiv on Monday. This was the first time he has visited Ukraine since Russia launched an invasion almost a year ago.  According to NBC News, this trip had been planned for months and was recently acted upon. This was a risky trip for president Biden as his safety was not ensured. Visiting a war zone put the president in danger as the U.S. is not an active partner with these countries. Officials were concerned for Biden’s safety and many cautious measures were taken. Russian officials were contacted long before Biden departed to ensure security.

Memorial wall for the fallen Image from 
Image from Wikimedia commons

In a meeting with Zelenskyy and other officials, Biden spent about five hours in the capital. They went to St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery and then to the Wall of Remembrance which was created to honor those who died in the war. The reality of life in Kyiv could be seen as Biden and Zelenskyy walked together in Kyiv and raid sirens could be heard in the background of the city that is in Russia’s crosshairs. Here is a video of President Biden in Kyiv with President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Biden announced that a half-billion dollar was being given to Ukraine for assistance. His visit came at a critical time since Russia is preparing for a spring offensive and Ukraine is hoping to retake the territory soon. Not only the United States but other Western nations have been helping Ukraine by taking ammunition, tanks, and arm in hopes that they will gain control of the war.

Why do you think Biden took such a dangerous trip to Kyiv? Was he trying to prove something or did he just want to show support?