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May 21, 2024

Second Semester Slump


Nearly everyone on campus celebrates as soon as first semester finals finish. To them, it means more than just Winter Break. It’s the signal that the year is almost over, that Summer Break is looming right around the corner.

And that’s why so many students clock out before the new semester even starts. There’s no specific name for it because people call it different things depending on the context—like senioritis. A universal name could simply be Second Semester Slump. 

In this slump, students don’t put in as much effort as they did in the first semester. A lot of this comes down to the fact students may still be overwhelmed by the previous semester, or that they’re bored by the monotony that continues on throughout the year.

“I don’t really get anything out of changing my classes,” said Adair Trinh, a junior. “I have to stick with the same schedule, and it gets boring pretty fast.”

And the days do seem to blend into one another. No day truly stands out when the schedule is always the same. This easily leads to burnout, and thus the second semester slump.

Oftentimes, seniors fall victim to this. While they put effort in the first semester—the time of college apps and a burning desire to get through their last year—this dies down with the flick of a finger by the time second semester rolls around. Once they commit to a college, many seniors ask, “What’s the point of trying anymore?”

Of course, there’s still a point in trying. As long as their grades don’t tank too far, there’s really no issues that come out from this slump. However, it is still a risk that’s present.

It’s hard to get out of burnout, especially one that grows stronger over time. And while advice can be offered, it comes down to the system of the school to help their students break a cycle of monotony rather than simply watch as their students crash and burn.

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