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April 3, 2024
Fear of the unknown
Fear of the unknown
April 2, 2024

Best Dressed Teacher…. Ms. Smelser!


Fashion is one of the main talks in society today. Students dress to impress or simply because it’s what they feel best in. Now we always talk about students’ outfits or our friends but we haven’t really noticed the teachers around us who actually are the best ones here.

Ms. Smelser is known around campus for her intelligent teaching and wisdom. Being a kind teacher and always giving a helping hand to students in need. But Ms. Smelser is also known for her over the top and amazing outfit and fashion choices.

I interviewed Ms. Smelser, where she got her fashion from and the inspiration behind it. This is what she had to say.

The first question I asked was, “Where did you first get the idea to start thrifting?” her answer “So the idea first came to me when my son was younger because I was a single parent and I couldn’t really afford to get new nice clothes. But I needed a wardrobe that I can wear professionally to work and a wardrobe for like fun on the weekends and going out. So originally I started going to thrift stores to find clothes that were good quality but still good price. Then when I would have clothes that weren’t my style or didn’t fit, I realized I could get profit from the clothes, because they were all really good quality. So I started selling my clothes online and it turned into a pretty lucrative business over the years and in that time I started doing research about the environment. I saw how negative it was and how there are landfills filled with clothes and how in our society we are such consumers. People are buying more and more and never having enough. So I thought if I bought used clothes and sold mine and recycled clothes I would be helping the environment.”

The next question I had was ,”When you go thrifting what inpso do you take with you?” She said “when I go thrifting honestly I’m looking for brand names, I’m looking for specific brands that I have in mind and I usually go with a budget and try to stay within my budget. Then most of the time I keep a portion of the clothes I thrift but also clothes I’ll flip. I buy children’s items and men’s items that are really good quality. Then I’ll post them to my web page, then I sell them and I profit off them. Which allows me to continue shopping as well.”

My last question, “What tips do you have for people thrifting?” her response “my tips for people going thrifting is you have to be patient. I’ve tried thrifting with my fiance, Mr. Palmer and my son and his son, and they really lack patience. They get bored easily or they want to leave, or they don’t understand that it takes time to go through the clothes. It’s like treasure hunting. I think that as long as you know that you’re going to be saving money and the environment that you have to have the patient and know the good places to go.

Not only does Ms. Smelser have astounding fashion taste, she also brings awareness to the environment. Having thrifted all her clothes and not buying any from main stream stores. Reducing the amount of clothes waste that is built up and instead refurbishing the clothes and making them durable for many to use.


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