Montclair Basketball Senior Boys

Juliana Marquez, Editor

The end of a sports season comes every year, and for our senior basketball boys, this has been the very last one at Montclair High School. Nostalgia grabs a hold of them as they recall their proudest accomplishments, most significant memories, and more importantly, the lessons they have learned and the friendships they have formed.

Many of these boys have been a part of the same team for all of their years of high school; they have developed an extreme bond where they have come to trust each other off the field just as much as on it. And most have also started from Freshman Basketball and with hard work, they built their way up to Varsity Basketball. While not all of these players will decide to pursue basketball professionally after high school, the time that they have committed to the sport and the other factors that come with it will surely leave a mark on their lives. Regardless of what path they choose to take, we congratulate and honor them on the mark they have left on Montclair.