Should students have CAV Academy?

Emily Ramos

There has been recent debate about whether or not students at Montclair High should continue to have CAV Academy. This third period can be useful to most students because they can use the time to finish work or catch up on other things. Some students use this time for other activities, such as playing games or watching videos. Here are some pros and cons about having CAV Academy.


  • Students can finish homework
  • Students get time to work with others that they know and get help from them if necessary
  • Students can catch up on work that they did not finish
  • Students get a small break from school work


  •  Students do not use their time wisely and always play games making it a waste of time to include during the school day
  • Students skip third period and hang out outside
  • Students see this time as just a break and not time to work on assignments

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While asking freshman Alonso B. about his opinion on CAV Academy he states, “I don’t think that third period should be taken out because it gives me an opportunity to catch up on work or do whatever I want.”  Many students use this thirty-minute time period to be productive and work on assignments. It is also understandable that sometimes students need a break and this time can be used for that but some students only take advantage of it and do other things that are not productive. Some students just sit there, on their phones and scroll through social media.

It is okay to use the thirty-minute period to take a break but it seems like some students just take advantage of the time to do nothing at all. Some teachers and students believe that it would be better to just take out CAV academy and add more time to each class of the day. Sophomore, Mateo says, “Yes, it should be taken out because there is really no point to it,” and this can also be true, seeing as students seem to think they can do anything that they please, but school is an educational environment meant for learning so it might benefit students more to take a third period out of their schedule. This would add about five more minutes to each period. It does not sound like much time, but sometimes teachers need a couple of extra minutes to finish the lesson and be able to wrap it up.


What do you think about continuing CAV Academy?

Should there continue to be a CAV Academy at Montclair?


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