Senior’s Future Plans

Senior Class of 2024
Senior Class of 2024

As graduation day slowly starts getting closer and closer for the 2024 senior class many are making their plans for after high school and their future. As we know this day means a lot to us seniors since it’s a day where we not only get recognized for the 4 years of hard work they put in throughout our high school years and receive a high school diploma. Therefore, I’m sure we are all curious to know how the 2024 senior class is feeling about graduating, are we ready? As well as their plans for after high school. So, let’s hear what a couple seniors have to say about graduation. 

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School is a draining experience, I can’t wait to go to college and arrange my own time and work for what I want to work for and after high school I plan to go to college or my back up plan is to attend trade school or community college.”

— Nici Pena

Another MHS senior responds “I am ready to graduate. I feel like I’m in a good place to start life the right way. I have exciting goals to accomplish in my adult life. & I’m going to boot-camp. I plan on enlisting for 4 years and my MOS will be a 4541 Combat Photographer. Right after that, I’m going to be a police officer. I already have a foot in the door with not only being a police explorer but soon I will have mili

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“I don’t think I’m ready to graduate high school right now but when the day comes i’ll be ready this is because I’m not ready to leave this behind and I don’t think I’m ready to go to college. My plans after graduation are to go to a university and major in biology because I am going to apply to med school after my four years of college to hopefully pursue my career as a doctor.” 

— Giovanni Bonilla

tary experience. Which is a great trait for being a cop. “ 


Therefore, from the couple of seniors I asked, it seems like many are ready to move on with their lives after high school and they have plans which is a good thing since they know what path they want to take. Many say after high school life gets harder which I think many of us can agree but I have a feeling that this senior class of 2024 is more excited than worried about how their life is going to be after high school since they are looking forward to many things that they are interested in.

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