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April 3, 2024
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Fear of the unknown
April 2, 2024

Black Friday Then vs. Black Friday Now

Black Friday Then vs. Black Friday Now

 Black Friday has changed a lot throughout the years.

For instance back then it would be so crowded in many stores but nowadays they aren’t as crowded as how they were. Back then people would camp out of stores for a long time in order to get what they wanted for Black Friday.

There would be so many people in line that people would buy other people’s spots in line so they wouldn’t have to wait that long to get into the store and also get what they wanted before it sold out.

Now with technology being so advanced people do their Black Friday shopping from their phones. When you go to the stores on Black Friday nowadays it just seems like another day at that store because there aren’t as many people there. I think people like the way Black Friday runs nowadays because it’s more convenient not just for the customers but for the stores as well.

It’s more convenient for the stores because they have to worry about fewer people on the day of Black Friday which could result in a lot of chaos. It’s more convenient to the customers because they get to shop those Black Friday deals online or if they want to go to the stores they aren’t as crowded as they would normally be since people bought the things they wanted online.

If there were to be a negative thing about the modern Black Friday it would be that mostly things that people want are being bought online so it takes away from purchases that are made in stores.

If people were to choose what time period Black Friday is better in people would say Black Friday is better now than how it used to be.

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I’m a senior at Montclair High School and I’m class of 2024. I plan on attending college once I’m done with high school in order to far in life. I also plan on getting some sort of degree that will benefit me. I plan on having a successful future.

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