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May 21, 2024

The urban myth about Halloween candy


As many may know, it’s October. People are going to pumpkin patches, picking out their costumes, as well as going to Halloween parties.

In 2022, officials were stating candy was being laced. There were news reports and articles everywhere about the topic. As well as telling people that no one should eat the candy they were given. But as it turns out that was false information.

Trick or treating might be fun, but it has gotten scary. Parents check their kid’s candy from top to bottom for the safety of their kids.

Since this whole urban myth about candy being laced, it made parents very paranoid. Many even contemplated whether or not they should take their kids trick or treating.

Have people changed? Has it gotten worse? Is there really going to be drugs laced in the candy this year? Can we trust people to give out candy this year? We will never have answers to our questions because we don’t know people’s personal vendetta based on their physical appearance.

This world turned into something we never thought to expect. In 2016 people wouldn’t worry about a thing, but now teens worry if they’ll get home safely or not.

Social media loves to spread fake news, so what can we really believe?

Although drugs in candy might be a myth, checking your candy should still always be a top priority to do.

Most of all HAVE FUN!

Stay safe CAVS.

Happy Halloween!!

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