Our Last Words to Mr. Martin

Our Last Words to Mr. Martin

Dahlila Esparza

Mr. Martin: economics teacher, co-founder for Miles for Montclair, talk show host of renowned KCAA segment “Thinking Outloud¨ and OMSD´s 2015 Model of Excellence is retiring. Mr. Martin has been supporting the students of Montclair for several years and is withdrawing to pursue his ambition of film making. He was the visionary force behind phenomenal pieces such as Egg ManHenrys Back, and Volver Volver; and winner of the Pasadena international film festival. The students and staff of Montclair high school alike have been sad about his premature departure.  

As I walked into his classroom and announced his departure, I was hit by their somber gazes as they began reflecting on their brief, but formative time with him. The Seniors were keen to offer Mr. Martin fond parting words and wish him luck in his future endeavors.

Adrian and Nathan will miss his honesty.

Esmarelda will miss his compassion and the stories he shared.  

Lorena will miss his unique sense of humor and jokes,

and Selena will miss his guidance with both personal and academic hardships.

Regardless of what the students missed most about their favorite teacher, the room was filled with students sharing their favorite anecdotes, jokes, and memories about him. This showed one thing for certain, Mr. Martin cares for his students like no other, and the interminable influence he had on his student’s lives will never be forgotten