Synergy: Helpful or Harmful?

Dahlila Esparza

Should CAVs keep synergy?

This question has been a hot subject of debate amongst Montlciar students. Several people adore synergy and value the opportunity to connect with people and make new friends, but others feel uncomfortable sharing their tribulations with strangers and feel that missing classes due to synergy causes hardships for them academically.

Most students at Montclair are enthusiastic to meet new, lifelong friends throughout highschool and feel that synergy is a excellent way to facilitate that, such as student Erick; who stated that ¨it’s a good way to make friends and get out of your bubble and socialize.¨ and Jospeh, a freqent atteneder of synergy remarks that ¨it always leads to one or two new freinds”

While synergy may require students to discuss topics that some find intrusive, others feel consoled with a safe space to voice confidential issues, such as Citlaly, (a junior at MHS) who left Synergy feeling relieved and self-assured. “It was good to realize that others go through the same issues as me¨ 

Others oppose synergy, for a myriad of reasons. Some merely ¨don’t like talking about their feelings¨ and others regard the missing periods that synergy causes as damaging to their productivity in school; And that dealing with other people’s concerns leaves them ¨emotionally drained¨

Fellow cavaliers, where do you fall on this debate? Do you feel synergy is invasive? Or do you appreciate having a safe space to articulate your concerns and construct social bonds with your peers? Or do you fall someplace in the middle and believe synergy should be optional? Let us know in the comments below!