Mrs. Supina’s Retirement


Gilbert Silaban

Montclair High School has several teachers retiring after 20+ years of teaching. Mrs. Supina specifically, is retiring this year after 25 years of teaching. Mrs. Supina is a Spanish teacher and has been teaching Spanish for the whole of her teaching career. She also has taught computers as a side subject other than Spanish. Mrs. Supina has had a very good experience teaching in Montclair High School. MOHI was a very “caring and supportive place.” MOHI made her really enjoy the morale of how this school treats their staff. The students “level of care and concern has grown and it goes beyond academics” Mrs. Supina told me. Her students showed her that they really do care about their academics and about their school life. Her students also care more than academics, culture, family, etc, all of what is important and relates to her Spanish class. Mrs. Supina has had challenges when she taught in this school: teaching computers and Spanish at the same time and motivating her students to be academically successful. Being a teacher won’t be easy all the time, there will always be struggles that might come your way and that there is a solution to each of those struggles. Despite those challenges, Mrs. Supina loves her students regardless of their academic performance. Teaching is more than just students learning a subject, it’s also about connecting with them and developing a good relationship with them. Mrs. Supina’s plans to spend the rest of her time with her family and relaxing after the 25 precious years she has taught in this school. Mrs. Supina, you were one of the greatest teachers Montclair has ever had. We will miss you and we wish you farewell.