SBAC Testing

Gilbert Silaban

Juniors have completed the ELPAC testing. There were two parts: the performance task and CAT. The performance task is the essay part of the test. Students were asked to write a multi-paragraph essay. The students had to have a strong argument in their essay in order to pass. Then the students took the CAT part of the test. There were 26 questions in which most were multiple choice. The test took about a week to complete and the students sent out their scores to the CSU. Students worked hard on that test and that they were desiring a score of a 3 or 4. Some students took longer than others to complete both parts of the test but were confident with how they did. Some said that it was not very difficult while the others thought it was harder. The ELPAC test was to ensure colleges that students were proficient in English and that they meet the expectations that colleges are looking for. The juniors will also take a week long math SBAC the upcoming week. The seniors will take the science test. The scores for the math and science tests are yet to be determined at the publishing of this story.