Student v. Staff Basketball Game @ MHS

Student v. Staff Basketball Game @ MHS

Jasmine Gutierrez

Attention all students at Montclair High School! On Friday, April 28 at 3:30 p.m. , Montclair Boys Basketball will host the annual Seniors vs. Staff Basketball Game at the Asylum (big gym).

Any senior student who wants to participate in this year’s game can do so in one of the 15 vacant seats, so as to play. The release documents must be picked up from Coach Blades in room 97. 15 players who return their forms first will be admitted.

The Staff squad has won for six years running and appears to be in position to do so once more!

Anyone interested in attending the game can get a pre-sale ticket from Mr. Thomas, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Falls, Mr. Blades, or any player from the boys basketball team. The sale of tickets will start on April 17.

Pre-Sale Tickets: $3At the door Tickets: $5