Scott Pilgrim vs The World Anime


Valerie Castellanos, Staff Writer

On March 30th the official Netflix US Twitter announced that there will be a Scott Pilgrim anime series with the original cast of the movie, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, voicing the characters. This is very exciting news because it is so hard to have an original cast come back after all these years. Even just having the main characters voiced by the original actors would be an accomplishment. But here we are with the entire cast!

The creator of the Scott Pilgrim comics, Bryan Lee O’Malley will work with co-writer/director/producer Edgar Wright on the Netflix original. Unfortunately, though, Beck, who wrote most of the songs for the fictional band, Sex Bob-Omb, won’t be returning to write music.

There is still very limited information about this but rumors have been around forever about this series. Now, it’s officially confirmed to be in the making. It is suspected to be coming out in late 2023 to early 2024 and it has fans so very eager and exciting.