Summer is Coming

The End of the School Year

Isabel Corona, Staff Writer

Do you consider yourself a winter or summer person? Are you wishing this weather will stay or begging it to leave?

Over the past few weeks, rain has poured over our school in an endless reminder of winter. It’s been cold with harsh winds and tons of rain. However, in recent days the sun has decided to make an appearance. Does this mean our suffering is over? Will it finally be warm again? Not to mention summer getting closer with each day. How exciting it must be for all the students now that there are only two months left of school. Many might still feel it is far away, but in reality, it’s closer than it seems. April will fly by and a month full of testing will also come faster than we anticipated. Are you prepared for what the end of the school year will bring?

With testing in mind, it’s that time of year when AP preparations are set in place. As the heat begins to take over, so does the stress. The end of the school year couldn’t be more celebrated, but remember it takes work to get there. So, make sure to keep up your grades and work hard until the end.