Miles for Montclair


Gilbert Silaban

It has been 13 years since Thomas and Martin sparked up a solution for homelessness in the Montclair community. Miles for Montclair is an annual walk around the city of Montclair as a fundraiser for homeless students. The walk took place on Saturday, March 11th. It was very cloudy outside, even sprinkling. But we walked several miles around the city and it was a fun walk. There were Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors participating in the walk instead of just Seniors. Students stopped by food joints for a drink and snack. When the walk was done, there was lunch where tacos and Costco pizza were served. A raffle took place right after that. The walk has raised $30k, which is the biggest amount raised ever in Miles for Montclair. It will help students who are in poverty. “Students in need would have more money on campus to access immediately” says Thomas. Students are ensured to have their needs met so that they can succeed in school. There is also a program called the McKinney Vento that 400 students fall under. The bulk of the money that has been raised by the walk goes to the McKinney students. It is also going to give out scholarships to students who are going to college. The scholarships range between $10 and $100. “The walk will be bigger and better next year,” Thomas predicted. “We hope more students will participate so that we can raise more money than we did this year.”

(Shout out to the Mohi yearbook staff for the pictures)