MHS Golf


Emily Ramos, Editor/ Writer

Montclair high schools golf season has just begun. After having a great season last year, being co-league champs with Chino, the first game took place on March 13 at Marshall Canyon against Chaffey high school. Montclair won 299-313.

¨Golf is a sport where you have to play more and with the weather, it really hurt us.¨Coach Douglass shares that the team was not able to prepare and practice as much as they wanted to. The weather was very cold, it was raining and they were unable to practice outside. ¨we tried to do some drills, watch videos for visuals and practice putting inside the class,¨ says Douglass. Despite the hardships the team faced beforehand, they were able to move forward and win their first game.

Going into their second game, they were nervous, but they persevered and won 315-348. Coach Douglass hopes to continue practicing and helping the team improve to lead them to victory this season.

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