Talent In Action

The Montclair Gamers Club


Strauss taking the win against his opponent.

Isabel Corona, Staff Writer

Did you know Montclair has its own Gaming Club?

These students band together and play against other schools in CIF matches. Currently, there are six members. They are Angeel Ortiz, Alejandro Banuelos, Nathan Lopez-Sosa, Juan Sebastion Medina, Enrique Montes De Oca and Evan Strauss. 

Anyone can come in and enjoy the art of gaming. It’s open to everyone with membership being unrestrictive. In other words it’s a hangout spot for game lovers. This club takes place afterschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays in room 70. They play video and board games. The group gets signed up for tournaments and are 2nd place in the district. How impressive is that!

On March 9th, they went against the 1st place team in the district through a game of Super Smash Bros. The game was a best of three with Lopez, Banuelos and Strauss playing each set. Strauss put up a fight and claimed victory against his opponent. However, Valley View took the overall win. Leaving Valley View High School with their number 1 title.