Women’s History Month


Kaylyn-Noelani Ganiron, Staff Writer

This is the 36th year of celebrating Women’s History Month! The month of March is dedicated to celebrating how women over the years have contributed to history, society, and overall culture. This nationally recognized month was first established by former American President, Jimmy Carter, in 1987 to recognize how female figures have played such pivotal roles in forming the modern American culture. Despite this whole month being dedicated to celebrating women, the actual day to observe is March 8th.

From being an administrator, to being a teacher, or to even just being a student, your roles here on the Montclair campus are all extremely valued and appreciated. On behalf of The Clarion, we thank all the female figures for all the contributions you put into helping MoHi continuously shine as a school; thank you for all you do. Happy Women’s History Month Lady Cavs!

The following photo slides are in honor of celebrating some of the female figures here at MoHi.