Seniors, Check Your College Portals!


Kaylyn-Noelani Ganiron, Staff Writer

Class of 2023, the time has finally come!

UC application results are being announced throughout the month of March! That’s right from March 1st through the 31st, UC admissions will make their way to your email inboxes. You must use your given ID numbers from each school and use a password to log in to their websites to view your highly anticipated admission response.

Remember that everyone will receive their response at different times so don’t get discouraged too soon.

Approximated Announcement Dates:

UC Santa Barbara →March 21st           UC Irvine →March 17th

UC Merced →March 1st                         UC San Diego →March 17th-24th

UC Santa Cruz →Mid March                 UC Davis →March 3rd-10th

UC Berkeley →March 30th                    UCLA →March 17th-24th

UC Riverside →March 1st