Miles for Montclair

A Community Coming Together


Kaylyn-Noelani Ganiron, Staff Writer

The 13th annual Miles for Montclair walk-a-thon is a school-wide event to help raise money for Montclair High School students and families in need. This fundraiser was initially established by Mr. Amahl Thomas and Mr. Fabian Martin in 2009 when they were informed that there were 136 “homeless” students on MHS’s campus.  Unfortunately, that number has risen to more than 400 students this year.

This year’s walk-a-thon will be held on March 11th from 10AM-1PM. To take part in this community service event, you must fill out a pledge form and raise a minimum of $25; the money will get every participant a t-shirt, a lunch, and an opportunity drawing ticket. The proceeds accumulated will be due by Friday, March 3rd and must be turned into either the student store or to Mr. Thomas in room 52.  All of the money collected will be given to students and families in the form of scholarships, food, clothing and school supplies.

For additional information about this fundraising event, you can contact Mr. Thomas via email at [email protected], or you are welcome to stop by his classroom in the N-Building (room 52).

Q & A: 

What does Miles for Montclair mean to you?

It means that there is an opportunity to gain awareness about houselessness and an opportunity to help our fellow students in need. Lastly, we can demystitfy what it means to be houseless. -Mr. Thomas

How has the outcome from previous Miles for Montclair events looked like before?

Typically, we have about 800-1,000 students who participate in the walk.  We meet at the school to start the walk, we go throughout the community (approx. 2.5-3 miles), and we come back to the school for lunch and the opportunity drawing. In the past, Miles for Montclair was mainly focused on the senior class; now the fundraiser will include sophomores and juniors as well. -Mr. Thomas

Moving forward, are there any ideas you have to expand this fundraiser in the coming years?

This is the first year that we are having sophomores and juniors participate in the fundraiser; we are deciding to be more inclusive, next year all grade levels are expected to participate. Also, we are utilizing SnapRaise to bring more awareness and funding to this cause. -Mr. Thomas

If students are unable to participate in this event, what are some other ways they can help the cause?

Students who are unable to walk on March 11th, will help during the week leading up to the walk-a-thon by collecting canned food for the food drive club, as well as helping out for spirit week.-Mr. Thomas