Friday Night Lights


Isabel Corona, Staff Writer

The powderpuff will take place this Friday, February 17th. The game starts at 5 pm and ends at 7 pm. There is a 6 dollar entry fee that must be paid through GoFan. It is juniors against seniors as per tradition. Both these teams consist of female players fighting for bragging rights through a game of flag football.

The game requires clean play with no fouls or dirty tricks. Rumor has it that last year some of the seniors had tied their flags to make it nearly impossible for them to be pulled. Many people showed up to last year’s powderpuff and the same is to be expected of this year. After doing an Instagram poll regarding the attendance for the game, 76% of people said they would go and 24% said they wouldn’t be attending. There were 61 voters in this poll. 

Moving onto the people of the hour: Seniors. There are 15 girls taking part in the powderpuff. Angelina Alsamaan, Daisy Romero, Angela Rocha, Daniela Frausto, Kayla Presley, Brigid Lazaro, Leslie Cabrera, Maya Saravia, Kim Herrera, Alejandra Lagunas, Isabel Corona, Arianna Anaya, Amanda Anaya, Miranda Rivera, and Jazmine Flores are our seniors. The coaches consist of 7 talented Montclair high football players: Jason Ramirez, Jonathan Costly, Damari Holliman, Zack Evans, Raul Velasquez, Anthony Solis, and Anthony Parker. They teach these girls all about the game of football and help cultivate their abilities towards what they hope to be a win. 

The team will wear actual jerseys from our very own football team. How exciting for these girls to experience the game firsthand.