Valentine’s Day Grams

Isabel Corona, Staff Writer

Ahhhh yes, the day we all look forward to: Valentine’s day. A beautiful day for lovers. A day filled with pinks and reds, hugs and kisses. Valentine’s day, overall, is an endearing holiday. It’s not just for lovers, but for friends and family. Your valentine can be anyone that you love. 

Here at Montclair, we embrace such a holiday and even promote it. Our very own cheer team is selling Valentine’s day grams. These small presents will be delivered on February 14th during the 6th period. Students have the choice of personalized cards, candy bags, mini ramos, and candles. They are sold during both lunches. The ramo is 8 dollars and includes one rose. The candle is 6 dollars with rose quartz and roses inside. A personalized note is 2 dollars, and you can write a message of your choice. The candy bag is 3 dollars with a mixture of chocolates and candy included. The bundle, which includes all of the above, is 14 dollars. A wonderful idea for our students to give others something special on Valentine’s Day.