Weeks in Mexico

Destiny Quinteros, Staff Writer

Traveling to Mexico is one of the few things that relax my mind, I don’t have to worry about what goes on at home and nevertheless have responsibilities other than to go along with my day. Yes, this might sound like every other person, but it’s a beautiful adventure that I never want to finish. On the last day of finals my family and I decided to take it upon ourselves to drive a day and seven hours to El Grullo, Jalisco. I can say that it was one tiring ride for sure. Though we saw nothing too interesting other than dry land and some pueblos (small towns) our first top was the city of Durango. During December they have many lights set up around the towns plaza, the area is filled with vendors and shows that families that can enjoy during the holidays.

We were able to spend a week there and we were back on the road with a change of plans on our way to Mazatlán. It is about three hours from Durango, this car ride is filled with  greenery. When we had arried the weather was great it was warm with a cool breeze, making it a perfect day to be there. The beach was beautiful as the clouds were parted creating phases of shade and light.We spent two might at the beach and headed out to our final destination El Grullo. The small town had been setting up for the upcoming annual fair that started on January 13. They have their plaza filled with vendors from around their community and games that close streets down for all to enjoy. They even have concerts for those who love music which is the majority, places where there hosted get packed, and people still enjoy it every year.

Whenever I am here my mind is peace, I don’t have to think about school, but only tohave fun while it lasts, nothing really exists while riding in a truck while going through the fields as the cool breeze hits your face. This place is where people come together to have fun, during this time of year it is presented perfectly with live music and shows that represent our cultures atmosphere.