New SZA Album Breaking Records


Valerie Castellanos, Writer

Sza, who has 61 million monthly listeners on Spotify and was ranked 16th in the world released her latest album SOS on December 9, 2022. The album has gained a lot of success with the hit single being Kill Bill. But instead of killing her ex, Sza has been killing it in those charts.

Her album has charted #1 for 5 consecutive weeks and has currently 1 billion streams. This is the first RnB album to stay number 1 since the 2000s, with Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” at a close second. This is a great success given that this is only her second album. It’s interesting to see Taylor Swift, a long-time respected artist, be beaten by a relatively new artist. It’s truly an amazing accomplishment given that this is only her second album.

When the album first dropped, she became the #1 most streamed artist on global Spotify, passing Bad Bunny. To which she responded on her Instagram with “Thank y’all so much. Speechless and thanking God… sall I got for rn. Love you all so very much. ps I LOVE BAD BUNNY TO SHARE SPACE W HIM EVEN FOR A SECOND IS ICONIC.” 

The reason that many fans love SZA is because of how vulnerable she is in her music. Such as in Special where she sings about her insecurities and how her partner made her lose all of her unique attributes in order for her to be “normal”. Now that he is gone, she misses those parts of herself, even claiming that she is a loser. 

This is just one of many songs where she discusses topics that are more on the taboo side. She is not afraid to proudly sing what is in the back of our minds into a microphone.

Things seem to be only going up for the RnB singer. Her fans are all excited to see what she does next with her platform.