Lights Off

Home Games Canceled


Head JV Girls Soccer Coach: Jaylynne Marshall

The Montclair Girls JV Soccer Team celebrate their win in the dark.

Isabel Corona, Staff Writer

The stadium is off limits. 

Following an injury on the slippery turf, the school prohibited games from being held on the field. A reasonable demand from the administration to prevent any future injuries, but why now? Issues with the turf have been around for years. The fibers and materials of the turf cause players to slide, risking a broken ankle. However, it’s barely being addressed. So, why did they wait until a student got hurt?

Now the Montclair High School Soccer team must leave their home field behind. Thus, putting their schedules in disorder. Home games were moved to Colony High School as the team lacks a home field. The first league game took place in Ontario. Due to the instability of our field’s usage, what should have been JV’s first league game was canceled. Instead both boys and girls Varsity teams played in Ontario. Usually the girls team plays away, while boys play at home. As a result of the dilemma, there was no field for JV to play on. The teams have been forced to make due with what they have. 

The girls soccer team played the second league game last night against Baldwin Park on their new home field, Colony High School. Normally, JV plays at 3:30 and Varsity plays at 5:00. The games were pushed two hours, with JV playing at 5:30 and Varsity at 7:00. Will all home games take place this late? Must the team suffer through the cold as the games close in on the night? 

At last night’s game, chaos wandered into the field as the stadium lights at Colony turned off. The JV game ended abruptly and the stadium was dark for about 20 minutes. Girls wondered what was going on and parents sat in the bleachers confused. Talk of the Varsity game’s cancellation soon spread in the dark. Even so, girls remained optimistic and laughs beckoned in the stadium as they made light of the situation. Mrs.Barberi, the school’s Assistant Principal of Achievement assured the players that administration was on the problem. Soon after, the lights turned back on and the game began. These lady Cavs took on a big win. JV beat Baldwin Park 15-0 and Varsity won 9-0.