Click to Submit

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Alicia Lomeli, Staff Writer

As the time arrives for seniors to make the big choice of submitting college applications, Montclair held the annual click to submit on October 19th. Click to submit is a helpful workshop during the school day to help seniors fill out and submit their cal state college applications. Many AVID students and teachers were present to help answer any questions and many seniors submitted their applications. 

Many students felt that click to submit helped relieve pressure and stress they were feeling about college applications. “It was something I felt accomplished with, another major step forward towards my own future,” says Maria Terrazas, a senior here at Montclair High School.

“Personally, I felt that it was very helpful, informative, and a great experience overall,” says Juliana Marquez, also a senior attending Montclair.

Among the many different colleges students applied to, Cal Poly Pomona and Cal State San Bernardino seemed to be a common college many applied to. At this event, a Cal Poly Pomona representative was present and was handing out free souvenirs to students who applied to Cal Poly and taking pictures which many students enjoyed. Overall, click to submit was very memorable for both students and counselors because it is a very big and important step into life after high school.