Hot or Cold?


Juan Saldana

Isabel Corona, Staff Writer

Recently, the weather has gotten chilly. Yesterday rain poured over Montclair High throughout the entire day. Students ran for cover and some carried umbrellas. During lunch people found refuge in the cafeteria, under buildings and even in classrooms. Yet, today as I look up from my computer, I see the sun is shining brightly and the sky is clear. Some days feel like we’re back in summer, while other days feel like we’re high up in the mountains. As the seasons change, the weather is expected to adhere to the season. However, it feels as though the days don’t coincide with the times. 

Juan Saldana, a junior at Montclair is pictured under the rain. He seems to enjoy the weather and even said, “The rain is something we don’t always get, so it’s important to appreciate it”.