Agendas: Useful or Impractical?


Kaylyn-Noelani Ganiron, Staff Writer

Every school year, all students receive free, new agendas, but how many students actually put their agendas to use in their daily academic lives?

As I set out to conduct my own study of the usage of agendas, most students would say that they don’t use their agenda because they don’t know how to write in it or claim that they never have any homework. Some would even claim that they found agendas a waste of time to write in because everything they needed to know was already on Canvas for them, so they aren’t motivated to use their agendas.

Despite most feedback being negative towards using agendas, a few students said that they want to learn how to use their agenda more efficiently because they need somewhere to write down reminders for their extracurricular activities or make note of their upcoming shifts for working students.

Through my own observation, I noticed that most of the students used their agendas because it was required of them to fill it out for a class. Now it’s your turn, are agendas useful in today’s fast-paced world or is it obsolete and impractical as everything is online now?

Agendas: Useful or Impractical?


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