Memories in a Book

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Joanna Aquino-Saucedo, Staff Writer

To remember all of your classmates, teachers, and staff members who have contributed to your education, getting a yearbook would only make sense, especially for the seniors who are on their last year at Montclair High. As of now and until January 9, 2023, the price for a yearbook is $90, but if you wait prices will go up! After January 9th, prices will go up and you may feel discouraged and not want to pay the higher price. You may also be thinking that you have time since it’s 2 months away, but don’t wait to buy your 2022-2023 yearbook, or else you will forget! If there are any questions that arise, please contact Ms. Fregoso at either @ms.fregoso.mhs on Instagram, [email protected] by email, or even visit room 11. Don’t hesitate, just buy it!


To access the link to purchase a yearbook, click on the book!