Montclair’s 2022 Homecoming Rally


Juliana Marquez, Chief Editor

Montclair High School’s first indoor rally of the school year and the dedication and time put into the event was not in vain as performances left the audience speechless while we listened to our Montclair band and choir remind us of old traditions, watched our cheer and dance team influence us with their contagious energies, and laugh as we watch the familiar faces of our mentors represent every freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior at Montclair. Some applause for our school’s ASB and renaissance which did a brilliant job at enhancing the theme for the entire duration of the rally. Though most importantly, our cheerful screams filled the gym as we witnessed the main event, our outstanding homecoming court. The bias of each student peeked through our cheers during their unique entrances, proposal videos, and the game of musical chairs. Here are some pictures of the rally for those who missed the event or simply want to look back on the exciting memory: