Homecoming Court Highlight


Kaylyn-Noelani Ganiron, Staff Writer

Homecoming season has officially arrived! As this year’s court has already been announced, many of these hopeful seniors still need your vote to be either the homecoming queen or homecoming king. When deciding who to vote for, the process can be confusing. This is what two court candidates want the students of MoHi to know, to get your vote.

Leslie Vieyra, a link crew leader, a food drive club representative, and 4 year varsity tennis player, chose to run for homecoming queen because she “wanted to get the full high school experience despite winning or not” and was lucky enough to end up on homecoming court.

Lauren Palla, a link crew leader, dance team member, and key club member, chose to run for homecoming queen because she always saw movies of people winning homecoming and thought she should “step out of her comfort zone and go all out her senior year”.