The Rise of Monkeypox

Alicia Lomeli , writer

    Anxiety levels rise as monkeypox resurfaces. Monkeypox is a disease spread through skin-to-skin contact. This disease was found in Africa and has spread throughout the world in a short period of time. Some symptoms include fever, rash, and chills. Symptoms can last up to 2 weeks and according to those who have been infected, it is a very painful process. Recent cases have shown that those infected received bumps that resemble pimples all throughout their bodies, these bumps progressively get larger and create pus.


   Monkeypox ultimately affects everyone in one way or another but those who are intimate with others are more likely to get infected. As monkeypox spreads, many are worried that it will have the same effect as COVID-19 causing lockdowns. This will affect many families, and schools, and could possibly hinder the graduating class of 2023. 


  “It’s scary to think about but hopefully everything is kept under control so we can avoid having another lockdown,” says Denise Zavala, a senior here at Montclair High School. 


Recently, it was revealed that the first death caused by monkeypox occurred in Los Angeles. This was due to the individual’s weak immune system and since then, has raised alertness about monkeypox. 

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“I never expected anyone to die from monkeypox so it’s really alarming to know that it was someone close to our city,” says Joanna Aquino, a senior here at Montclair High School. 

   Washing your hands frequently, using hand sanitizer, and avoiding touching blankets or clothing in public places are all ways to protect yourself from monkeypox. Monkeypox is proven to survive in clothing and linens meaning it is important to avoid going into someone’s home that has been infected or touching clothing in stores.  A vaccine for monkeypox has been created and many have gotten it. This vaccine named, JYNNEOS vaccine is another way to protect yourself and help keep everyone safe. 

Monkeypox is alarming and frightening but we can all work together to prevent the spread. Protecting yourself and those around you is highly important and should always be a priority.