Should students dress nicely for school?

Diana Aguilar, Staff Writer

 Some people may say dressing nicely for school can have a positive impact on you and it shows respect to the teachers, while others disagree with that and say that it can cause stress or anxiety having to choose an outfit every day. In Montclair, there are some students who disagree with the idea of dressing presentably for school. 

Montclair students Lizzy and Laura                            

 Eleanor, a freshman at Montclair stated, ‘’I feel like as long you’re not coming in bikinis, bras, or undergarments. As long as it’s appropriate, you don’t have to dress formally; dress comfortably.’’ Some students dress comfortably for school but it’s important to remember that everybody’s opinion is different. Some people feel comfortable in pajamas, shorts, sweats, oversized hoodies, or big t-shirts. Others feel comfortable in shirts, dresses, crop tops, or jeans. Not everyone has the same taste in clothing and that’s okay because what we wear shouldn’t be what defines us as a person.

 Every student has a different outlook on what to wear based on how they grew up, Karina Loera, another freshman from Montclair stated, ‘’You should dress nicely, I’m Christian. I grew up dressing modestly. But it’s up to them if they want to or not’’. Some students grew up dressing modestly and some did not.  Whatever you choose to wear doesn’t reflect who you are as a person. So you should dress however you want.

Lizzy, a junior at Montclair stated,‘’ You don’t need to dress nicely for 6 hours, you are just going to go home. You don’t have to spend those hours getting dressed”. Some of the student’s morning routines do consist of waking up early and spending a lot of time getting dressed because when they dress nice they feel good or confident. So if you like waking up early to choose your outfit or do your makeup/hair and it makes you happy do it. And if you don’t that’s okay because not everyone finds it enjoyable.

Laura, another junior stated,  ‘’I think this isn’t an exact answer, I think maybe it depends on the occasion but I think they should dress nicely not for school but themselves’’. A lot of students love to express their passion or creativity with their clothes. And they should be able to express themselves with what they’re wearing even when there’s no special occasion.