Small Beginnings Big Aspirations For Seniors


Sebastian Avalos

As we head into our senior year the real world seems to get closer and closer. From finding new responsibilities, like getting a job or starting to apply to colleges, in a short 10 months, seniors will head into the real world and embark on their own journeys in life. Some people pave their way once they finish high school and some take the initiative during senior year. A Montclair High School student (who wishes to remain anonymous) and Jayden Pham, a senior at Neese High School based in Florida, are an ambitious duo who’ve begun to create their business known as Zer0Sensation.

Jayden and his business partner wanted to start their own business because they’re both passionate about anime. They were inspired by seeing other companies that have their own original Character (OC) and have unique designs that include different aesthetics like tattoos or different art styles. They both figured that they wanted to try and pursue their dream of having their own OC and unique art style. “It took a long time to get everything together,” Jayden stated. “It was all about having connections to different artists, other companies, people who understood taxes etc.” The hardest part, according to the duo, was having to learn the ins and outs of tax codes in California and Florida.

Interested in acquiring anime themed stickers? Zer0Sensation is based on selling those kinds of stickers. “We already have some sticker designs ready,” Jayden says, “but clothing is still a process we need to get after we make enough sales with stickers.”

Another difficulty was finding the right artist since they were presented with the great works of a variety of creators. However, they did find two artists on Fiverr (which is a marketplace for freelance service) who were able to give them interesting designs for a reasonable price. The two artists go by the online aliases Cyota_ and yesim_joy-2.

Thanks to technology, the distance between Jayden and his partner doesn’t hinder their work ability and they can overcome challenges like learning digital designs for backgrounds in their posts. Both of the business owners are seniors in high school, already accomplishing big dreams, and soon, they hope to have their first drop. For more information follow their Instagram: