The Clash of the Chickens

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Joanna Aquino-Saucedo, Staff Writer


Our society consists of controversy, where conversations extend from political debates to food debates. In an era where fast food has become a part of American culture, there are two famous chicken fast food restaurants: Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers and Chick-Fil-A. Much controversy has been spread regarding these two restaurants about which one is better.

Raising Cane’s is highly known for their Cane’s Sauce that has a tangy and savory taste with a hint of spice and for their freshly grilled, soft yet crunchy Texas Toast that has the right amount of butter and garlic for that deliciousness. But! They are only limited to chicken fingers alone or on a bun (it’s your choice!), crinkle cut fries, texas toast, coleslaw and/or Cane’s Sauce. Because of this limited menu, it can be seen as a con for many individuals who like more diversity.

Unlike Cane’s, Chick-Fil-A is known for their variety of menu options. They have macaroni & cheese, chicken nuggets, strips, chicken sandwiches, and even wraps! Ranging from sweet to sour to spicy, they have a total of 7 sauces including their original Chick-Fil-A dipping sauce that has sweet, sour, smokey, and creamy taste. With many options to choose from, many may come here to taste different things. To see which chicken place is best, let’s hear from the people of Montclair and what they think!

“Personally, I like Cane’s more because of their sauce and toast. It’s really good,” said Juliana Marquez, a senior at Montclair.

“I think Chick-Fil-A is better since they have better options to choose from and also because Cane’s is very overrated,” said an anonymous freshman at Montclair.

“Both places are really good. I think it just depends on your taste preference, but in my opinion I like them both” said Alicia Lomeli, also a senior at Montclair.

Picking a side was easy for some, while others had to think and go for both. After listening to some of the people at Montclair and seeing the results from an Instagram poll, the overall winner is clear. The majority result comes out that Cane’s is the restaurant students at Montclair have believed in to be better than Chick-Fil-A.

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