New School Year New People

Emily Ramos, Editor

You walk into school finding the quad bustling with students. The loud chatter and buzzing of excitement. The pushing and shoving. You look around searching for a familiar face, everyone is wearing masks. You can´t see their facial expressions as you make your way through the halls. You feel isolated. 

Starting a new year can be both exciting and nerve-racking. There is a lot going on and oftentimes, we get placed into classes with people we do not know. There’s no guarantee we’ll be in classes with people we know, so try getting to know new people in your classes.

Getting to know the other students in your classes can be beneficial to your education. Making friends with those in class creates a support system that you can fall back on in case help is needed. This does not only apply to your school life as your friends can help you get through tough times at home. 

Socializing with others is also beneficial to your health as it is proven to boost happiness and can provide you with a sense of belonging in life. As you socialize more, you may notice that meeting new people becomes a lot easier. 

As simple as it seems, making friends may not be that easy. The first step in meeting new people is always the hardest. Gathering enough courage to walk up to these people takes a lot of guts and determination. Once you approach them, the rest should be a piece of cake. Getting the conversation started is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1.) Introduce yourself 

You can begin a conversation in many different ways. The best way to start one is by introducing yourself. Introductions can range from letting them know you are in a class they are in or telling them your name.

2.) Compliment Them Or Ask A Simple Question

Once you say hello to this person and want to keep the conversation going, ask them a question or compliment their outfit. For example, if you are in class you might ask how to solve a problem for a certain assignment.

3.) Ask About Their Interests

A friendship is about you and the other person and getting to know the other person as an individual. You can simple questions such as, what they do, what their hobbies are, and what their goals are. 

 It is okay to feel scared to go up to someone or mess up while trying to. That is completely normal, but being able to make new friends is great,  weren’t your closest friends strangers to you too?