Peer Counseling

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Sebastian Avalos, Staff Writer

Many students on campus struggle with their own issues on a daily basis. These issues can range from being stressed academically or having to struggle with personal issues outside of school. It can be both physically and mentally draining. It is common for students to keep their own issues to themselves and avoid talking to the counselors here on campus because they don’t feel comfortable. Peer counseling is a way for students to talk to their peers about their issues and feel comfortable in doing so.

Mr. Luebbers oversees the peer counselors in room 53. Peer counseling is available on most or all school days and can be accessed during any class period.  The peer counselors are trained in “active listening”, which is a way to learn how to listen to someone without having to be expected to speak. Elba is a senior who is a peer counselor at Montclair High school. She mentioned that during the first semester they practice “active listening”  with each other in class and during the second semester they work with other students. “We help you figure out your own stuff without having to give advice,” Elba stated, “counselors nowadays don’t know what it’s like to be a teen and it’s easier to talk to someone your own age.”

If you want to be a peer counselor talk with your counselors and fill out an application in order to apply for peer counseling using this link  . If you have any questions you can ask Mr. Luebbers in room 53 or simply read through the application.