End of the Year Stress

End of the Year Stress

Emily Ramos, Staff Writer

As the end of the year approaches, students are beginning to get stressed. Students’ workloads are increasing as finals and AP Exams approach. Others are trying to catch up on work and improve their grades. Students should make time for themselves by relaxing and taking breaks while completing work. Below are tactics students can use to survive through the rest of the school year.

1. Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

It is important to know what you are capable of and how big of a workload you can take. It is okay if you are not able to handle everything that you would like to sometimes.

2. Reward Yourself

Even if it’s for completing something small, it is still a step taken in the right direction. You can also do activities with your friends to help them relax.

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3. Get Plenty of Sleep

Sometimes, prioritizing rest is more important than finishing that last assignment. It is important to get some sleep so that you can be ready for the next school day. You can also take small breaks in between homework and studying to clear your mind and not be overwhelmed.

4. Get Organized

Develop a schedule for when you would like to get things done so that you do not get distracted or waste your time on other matters. This can help you to control your time and energy better.

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5. Make Sure to Eat Right

Keeping a balanced diet is important to ensure that you can get through the day and have enough energy. It also helps with staying focused in school.