Wild Winds


This past weekend brought strong forces of wind. There have been some damages made but luckily no lives were at risk.  Some effects of the strong winds still remain including difficult driving conditions, loose objects on roads or sidewalks, and power outages. Schools are still having trouble with internet connection due to the power outages and wind damage. There are currently still people cleaning up the mess left behind. Make sure to report anything that may cause injuries to others so that it can be dealt with immediately. Additionally, most trees that fell down have been dealt with or are currently being dealt with.

Our areas might not be affected as much but it is still important to be prepared for situations like this. Some precautions that may be taken are making sure to have disaster kits that might be needed. some things that could be included in this are first aid kits, water, food, some sort of batter or other devices that can be used if electricity is out, and flashlights or having candles on hand. Also, make sure that all windows and doors are closed and that you are in a safe location. If you know about the events beforehand make sure to secure outside items as they will likely be broken or fly away and cause more trash to pile up on the streets.

After a wind storm be sure to check your house for damage caused on rooftops. windows, or other structures like decks, landscaping, and outdoor furniture. Help out in cleaning up afterward to maintain a safe community.